Cosmetic & Personal care packagings

beauty packaging container

Plastic jar, Glass jar, Aluminum/Metal jar 

Different styles and sizes of jar in plastic PP, PETG, PET, SAN, ACRYLIC material made by injection process, the final apperance will impress you after decorated with metalization, sillk-screen printing and hotstamping.


Aluminum jar with lid, is a featured product from us, we have single wall and double wall for optional, double wall jar combined with aluminum and glass or plastic material, the aluminum cover with anodized color,also brushed texture, embossing or debossing logo for your private label beauty products.


Glass jar for cosmetics and skincare product is a must-have product, high transparency and heavy weight bring consumer better touch feeling, it can be clear, frosted, coating, even coating with different options.

glass cosmetic containers, glass face cream jars, glass skin care packaging


Plastic jar in plastic material like PET, PETG, PS, AS (SAN), PP, PMMA (acrylic) for cosmetics and personal care products, can be customized with color you prefer, as well as clear, frosted, printing or hotstamping as per request, it’s ideal packaging for mineral makeup shadow, lip balm, facial treatment, eye treatment and bodycare products.

glass cosmetic bottle, glass lotion bottles, glass skin care packaging, glass serum bottle


Whether plastic bottle or glass bottle for lotion, serum, toner, body mist, perfume, we cover all your packaging needs for beauty, also airless pump system is available.

Bottles can be matched with pump sprayer, screw on cap, disc top cap, treatment pump, foam pump and all closures.

aluminum cosmetic bottle cap, metal sheathed screw cap, cosmetic lids closures for jar

Lid & Closures

Fashionable, innovative and suitable bottle cap, lid & closure to match the bottle perfectly to bring eye-catching effect to consumers.

Here we offer plastic screw on bottle cap, anodized aluminum jar lid, disc top cap (press cap), flip top cap, single wall or double wall lid, we get all caps you can imagine or you can not.

presige and high quality serum bottle

Eye-Catching and Functional Innovation

To entice means to lead on by exciting hope or desire.  That is exactly what we strive to achieve with Cosmetic and Personal Care packaging – the promise of a product which will make the consumer look and feel better.

Rayuen, design and develop innovative packagings to meet the needs from market and consumer, your product’s appeal is a top priority, making customized packaging containers and closures for private label is one of our core strengths, just contact us for your project.

essential oil dropper pipettes

Dropper Pipettes

dropper assemblies, which composed with pipette, rubber teat and glass tube, the sleeve part can be covered with anodized aluminum collar and embossing logo, even dropper pipettes with different styles, like button dropper, bulb dropper, basket style dropper, which used for eye serum, eye gel, essential oil, cuticle oil, hair oil packaging.

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